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Letter to group of Liberals and Democrats in the European Parliament

versió en català
Dear Sirs,
As I'm sure you're fully aware, the Catalan press and social networks are full of praise for Mr.Verhofstadt's stance as to Sr.Vidal-Quadras, whose radical political position as regards even Catalonia's current, limited regional powers (despite the fact that he is a Catalan) is notorious and longstanding.
www.intereconomia.com continued to voice Sr.Vidal-Quadras' position quite openly (http://www.intereconomia.com/noticias-gaceta/politica/vidal-quadras-recuerda-que-no-delinque-quien-defiende-legalidad-20121004) yesterday, though reference is made to Mr.Verhofstadt's statement towards the end.
I would be most grateful if you could impress upon Mr.Verhofstadt the need for his parliamentary group to closely monitor events in Spain, as regards Catalonia's democratic moves towards full sovereignty. Sr.Vidal-Quadras is simply the tip of a huge iceberg, built up over the centuries in the form of prejudice and negative stereotypes (similar, incidentally to that of the Jews), and stoked up by the Spanish conservatives especially when there are elections. Several wars have been waged against the Catalans, as you know, since the 18th century, and there remains a spirit of conquerors and conquered in the relationshuip bnetween Spaniards and Catalans. I certainly don't want to seem alarmed (unlike my mother and my parents-in-law, who suffered the Spanish Civil War and its aftermath). But there are, based in Madrid, several worrying examples of what in other countries are known as hate media (and we know from the Balkans and Rwanda what their effects can be). Just to give you one example: I am sure that Intereconomía, a private TV/radio station, would be banned in your country and, for that matter, everywhere else in the EU.
Let me end up by saying that since the 11th September demonstration, millions of Catalans are living in a dream, full of hope and confidence in a better future for ourselves and, especially, our children.

Yours sincerely,

Miquel Strubell MA (Oxon), MSc (Lond)

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