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Segona carta a Martin Schulz (president del Parlament Europeu)


Tema: Assessing Sr. Vidal Quadras' statement

Dear Herr Schulz,

Thank you for making public the reply you have sent to the MEPs who have complained about Sr. Vidal Quadras' threatening statement in relation to Catalonia's self-determination. I have read it here: http://www.europarl.europa.eu/the-president/en/press/press_release_speeches/press_release/2012/2012-october/press_release-2012-october-5.html.

I would just like to make a small comment about your reply.

At the end you state "It is up to the voters of Catalonia to assess such a statement". Unfortunately this is not the case. Catalonia is not a European Parliamentary constituency, because Spain is one of the only large countries in the EU not to have MEPs representing regions or provinces. This is despite Catalonia's efforts to change this state of affairs (e.g. in our 2005 proposed Statute of Autonomy).

This means that even if not a single Catalan voted for the PP list in the next EP elections, Sr. Vidal Quadras would probably be returned as an MEP, with the votes of people right across Spain. That is, unless Catalonia completes its process of separating from Spain, of course, before the next election, and can therefore choose its own parliamentary representatives.

Yours sincerely,

Miquel Strubell i Trueta

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