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Urias, Queralt i Alonso-Cuevillas i el Congrés de Diputats

L'error de la Mesa del Congrés.

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By Josep Casulleras: Who is drafting the sentence? (3 May 2019)

Here is an English translation of an interesting article in VilaWeb by Josep Casulleras on the media influence on the future verdict.
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Referències a ''De la Dictadura a la Democràcia'' de Gene Sharp

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Betancor and Vidal, GEC

Here is a quick English rendering of the opinion of prof. Andrés Betancor, a member of the Spanish Electoral Commission proposed by Ciudadanos, as regards President Puigdemont's right to stand for election (competing with Ciudadanos). Unwittingly it reveals the basic flaw of the judgment: it has no legal grounding.



This is the original, and an English translation by MM and MS, of an unprecedented ruling by the Spanish Electoral Board, agreeing by a request by two Spanish nationalist parties, Ciudadanos and Partido Popular, to have President Puigdemont, Minister Ponsatí and Minister Comín banned from standing for election to the European Parliament on May 26th. That it is highly controversial is underlined by the dissenting votes by four members of the Board, including the President and the Vice-president!

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