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La pel·lícula de Via Catalana: Molt aviat!

33 segons.

"Mà en mà". Gonçal, Narcís Perich i Gerard Sesé.


Letter from "Your Europe Advice" on EU citizenship in an independent Catalonia

Letter from Your Europe Advice

Dear Sir/Madam, 

Please find below the reply to your enquiry. Please note that the advice given by Your Europe Advice is an independent advice and cannot be considered to be the opinion of the European Commission, of any other EU institution or its staff nor will this advice be binding upon the European Commission, any other EU or national institution. 

Your original enquiry was:

As a UK citizen líving in Spain (over 30 years) I'm wondering whether the residence status of my fellow citizens would change should Catalonia (where I reside) become independent. 

Reply from Your Europe Advice

Dear Sir, 

Thank you for getting in touch with Your Europe Advice. 

Your question relates to what status under EU law would an independent Catalunia acquire. 

Would it be outside the EU, or would it be inside the EU. 

Legal opinion is divided at the moment. 

The same issues concern Scotland and potentially other regions in Europe (Flanders?). 

The E.U. may be seen as a guarantor of economic stability, but can portions of member states secede within the E.U. framework? The simple answer is yes. Formally, states are sovereign, and it is legally possible for substate regions to secede. The E.U. institutional apparatus does not recognize the possibility of secession, but it does not legally preclude it. 

Seceding states, however, do not automatically enjoy treaty rights. It is the predecessor state that retains existing rights and memberships. To be admitted to the E.U., a nation must receive unanimous support among member states and be approved by a vote in the European Parliament. Could the seceding states win admission? More to the point, would the rump Spanish State seriously consider vetoing the admission of Catalonia into the EU fold? 

If such a case were to arise, the residence status of your fellow citizens (we assume you mean UK citizens?) would be that they would be residing in a third country. 

The European treaties provide that the status of E.U. citizenship is afforded to "every person holding the nationality of a member state" albeit that "citizenship of the union shall be additional to and not replace national citizenship." In the case of Ruiz Zambrano, the Court of Justice of the European Union said that national measures cannot deprive E.U. citizens of the "genuine enjoyment of the substance of the rights conferred by virtue of their status as citizens of the union." 

If Catalonia's independence cannot deprive its heretofore British national residents of their E.U. citizenship rights, then it makes political and legal sense for an independent Catalonia to be recognized as an E.U. member state. 

The question you raise is entirely hypothetical, but we hope this has clarified some of the questions you had. 

We hope this answers your query. 

We remain at your disposal, should you require further information. 

Your truly, 

Your Europe Advice. 


La Via Catalana: Tants i tants de vídeos!

1. Col·lecció de vídeos penjats per l'Assemblea a youtube:

Per exemple, la Via Catalana al Camp Nou:

2. Penjat al diari ARA
Ariadna Seuba
16/09/2013 09.12
"Diguem ben alt que nosaltres fem via, que anem tirant", el vídeo de la cadena humana a la Catalunya Nord
"Diguem ben alt que nosaltres fem via, que anem tirant". És el missatge que una voluntària dóna des de d'un dels autocars que es dirigia al Pertús, a la Catalunya Nord, per participar a la Via Catalana, a l'extrem nord de la cadena humana que va cosir el país de punta a punta per reclamar la independència. El nombre de participants a la frontera amb França va superar totes les previsions. El vídeo l'ha enregistrat Ariadna Seuba. La banda sonora és 'Ningú no comprèn ningú', versió de Sabor de Gràcia.

3. Penjat al diari ARA
12/09/2013 14.38
La Via Catalana i els castellers, a vista d'ocell a l'Arc de Berà
Diverses colles castelleres es van concentrar a l'Arc de Berà a Tarragona, aquest dimecres, en una de les moltes activitats de la Via Catalana. Una cadena de pilars va acompanyar la multitud que es donava les mans en la gran cadena humana que va relligar el país de punta a punta. Imatges cedides per HEMAV. La banda sonora és d'Obrint Pas.

4. Penjat a youtube per l'ANC de Sant Sadurní d'Anoia.
19 minuts filmant la Via Catalana... amb bicicleta.

5. Penjat al web de The Guardian
Gràcies, família Aguilar Rovira i els castellers de Vilafranca! Sou collonuts! 
"While much of the western world commemorates 9/11, Catalans celebrate Diada, the National Day of Catalonia. Along with the traditional building of Castells - towers of people standing on each other's shoulders - this year Catalans joined hands to form a human chain across Catalonia. The Aguilar Rovira family, who are pro-Catalan-independence activists, reflect on the significance of the event before taking part in a human tower in their home town of Vilafranca del Penedès" 
(De fet és filmat a l'Arc de Berà!)

Mistake in subtitles: "la manifestació multitudinària de 2012" is not an "informal demonstration" but the largest "multitudinous" demonstration in the country's history, for Catalonia's independence.


Enjoy History!

English translation of Vicent Partal's leader in Vilaweb today:

Rarely in people’s lives do we have the feeling we are writing history, or of being privileged protagonists of an event that the books that our children, our grandchildren, our great-grandchildren, will remember and narrate as exceptional. Today we’ll have it. The Catalan Way is sure to mark a turning point in this country. No doubt, a few years hence, September 11 2013 will be remembered as a key day on the road to independence, as a decisive turning point.

So go out into the street and let’s all enjoy history, with our lungs wide open. Enjoy the yellow shirts that are going to flood our streets, squares and roads. Enjoy the hand you’ll gives and the hand you will take. Enjoy the contagious happiness, people’s smiles, the shared looks of complicity. Enjoy the unstoppable force that we all generate, the happy feeling of knowing we are winners. Enjoy the memory of those who are not here today and we wished were with us, who would never have left us. Enjoy children who will not have to waste any more time defending who they are. Enjoy the old people who we shall never be able to thank enough the endless time they spent simply resisting. And thank them: but for them we would not be here.

But enjoy freedom above all else. Enjoy freedom in capital letters. Today, for a few hours, we shall clearly feel that this will be a free country. For a few hours we will feel it’s free, thanks to our unity, thanks to our decision, thanks to our will to be the majority and to build a united, a more just and better country. And we will feel free all together, free together, free.

So enjoy yourselves and call out shamelessly and without fear for the independence of this country. Hand with hand, chant with chant, shirt with shirt. Today, from El Voló (Le Boulou) to Vinaròs we will demonstrate the way Vicent Andrés Estellés called on us to do: as a united, , happy and valiant people. And this is a privilege that history has given us, it’s an honour that we cannot let pass us by, it’s a huge joy that today, at least I have no intention whatever of missing.

Via Bàltica 1989

Aquí, a partir del minut 7:25, hi ha una petita intervenció meva a BTV sobre la Via Bàltica del 23 d'agost de 1989, que va unir les capitals d'Estònia, Letònia i Lituània.


La Via Catalana, també a Miami (Florida)

Miami Beach (Florida)
Dissabte 31 d'agost de 2013

1. Vídeo "oficial"!

"Un centenar de Catalans es reuneixen a Miami per participar en la VIA CATALANA."

3. e-noticies
La cadena, als EUA
La Via Catalana a Miami també atrau joves madrilenys
"Residents catalans a Miami s'han volgut sumar a la cadena humana per a la independència de Catalunya, en una celebració festiva que ha anat acompanyada d'un dinar a South Beach. En aquest àpat hi han participat més d'una setantena de catalans residents al sud de Florida..." [+]

4. La Vanguardia digital
Los catalanes en el extranjero calientan motores para la Via Catalana

"Decenas de catalanes residentes en el sur de Florida se han concentrado en Miami para apoyar la cadena humana por la independencia."
"Este fin de semana, los catalanes que residen en el exterior se han movilizado para organizar cadenas humanas como la que se realizará el próximo Onze de Setembre en Catalunya para pedir la independencia..." [+] (Toni Belchi)


5. 3/24 (TV3)

"Aquest cap de setmana es fan prop de cinquanta cadenes humanes a diferents ciutats del món com a part dels preparatius de la Via Catalana per a la Diada. L'objectiu és difondre internacionalment el procés sobiranista i buscar suport a l'exterior."   Miami: 0:23 - 0:38

6. Marc Vilaregut

Video "In Inde Independència" (15 segons):

7. Meritxell Gangonells

78 Xavier Verdaguer


Cobertura mediàtica d'altres Vies Catalanes arreu del món:

L’express (France) - Une chaîne humaine pour l’indépendance de la Catalogne – 02/09/2013
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El Ciudadano (Argentina) – Un abrazo por Cataluña – 23/08/2013
Alguer (Alguer) - Diada: cadena humana Alguer-Catalunya – 22/08/2013
Alguer (Alguer)- Diada: catena umana Alghero-Catalogna – 22/08/2013
AlgueroEco (Alguer) - Omnium cultural partecipa alla “catena umana” – 22/08/2013

Hora Punta - La Via Catalana llega a la muralla china - 01/09/2013
El Periódico - La Via Catalana llega a Nueva York y Londres - 01/09/2013
El Periódico - La Via Catalana “toma” la muralla china - 31/08/2013

Nació Digital – Una diputada sueca, a la Via Catalana d’Estocolm – 03/09/2013
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El Periódico català – La Via catalana ocupa la muralla xinesa – 31/08/2013
Nació Digital - Els «borinots» duen la Via Catalana a l’Índia – 28/08/2013
Vilaweb - Via Catalana: The Catalan Way – 26/08/2013
Llibertat.cat – Via Catalana Internacional – 26/08/2013
Vilaweb – Eufòria a la Via Catalana a Tòquio – 25/08/2013
Nació Digital – La Via Catalana… Als Antípodes – 23/08/2013
Vilaweb - Guardiola secunda la Via Catalana – 23/08/2013
Nació Digital - La Via Catalana s’extén arreu del món - 22/07/2013
Nació Digital – La Via Catalana desfilarà pel món – 22/07/2013

La Tribuna.cat – La Via Catalana s’internacionalitza – 19/07/2013

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