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"Welsh Civil Society"

Dear Vicepresidents of the European Parliament Sylvie Guillaume (S&D), Ildiko Gall-Pélcz (PPE), Olli Rehn (ALDE), Dimitrios Papadimoulis (GUE), and former president of the European Parliament Enrique Barón Crespo (S&D).

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I understand that you are members of this year's jury of the European Citizens' Prize. Your task must have been a difficult one!

Looking at the list of winners of this award has led me to expect that if I can set up an NGO next April, called "Welsh Civil Society", with the aim of denying Wales the right to democratically decide on its own future (indeed, by fact denying that Wales exists) and opposing those that defend it even with a clear parliamebntary majority behind them, I could try and ask a Welsh MEP belonging to a UK Unionist party that came fifth in Wales in the recent EP elections to put forward, just seven months later, and after organising a highly costly rally (I may have to ask for help from slush funds to foot the bill!), even if it gets widely described as a laughable flop (in which the only achievement would be to keep neo-Nazis and radical anti-Welsh UK nationalists at bay), attended by five hundred times fewer people than another one organised on the same day by two Welsh NGOs that DO recognise Wales' right to democratically decide its own political future (that would never be so pretentious as to claim ownership of Welsh Civil society in their name), and that democratically and peacefully seek Wales' independence within a united Europe while at the same time promoting important values such as harmony, coexistence, respect, tolerance, freedom of speech and dialogue, I can be confident of getting this award next year. 

I'm encouraged by the fact that any declaration signed by hundreds of thousands of Welsh citizens including 
thousands of mayor and councillors and dozens of MPs, denouncing the lack of democratic spirit displayed by the UK government in the face of the will and attempts of the Welsh people to freely decide their political future, is certain to be totally ignored by the jury. 

I'm sure that if I can further persuade slush fund managers to foot the bill of propaganda full of lies about the Welsh independence movement and about the catastrophic consequences of becoming independent like 204 other countries in the world, then my candidature would surely be further supported.

I trust that if we call on a lecturer at the Department of Statistics of a Welsh university to count, one by one, the number of people calling for independence by democratic means in an earlier demonstration spanning 400 kilometres from one end of Wales to the other, and if he concludes that the 793,683 people counted in over 100,000 photographs made by 700 volunteer photographers mobilised by the organisers, included 130,311 who were under age, this will undoubtedly enhance our prospects of getting the prize, even if his report is not in Welsh. I will however ask him not to describe that event as an "organisational success" for that might inspire them to apply for an award themselves!

No matter if my NGO describes itself as a "political organisation", I take it that is not a criterion for disqualifying it. 

No matter if my NGO describes the Welsh Nationalist Party as "pure Fascism" after a lady slaps (or shoves; noone is sure) a Socialist politician before going into church, for reasons that turn out to be anything but ideological. 

No matter if one of the founder members of Welsh Civil Society takes part in a public tribute to the Britons that went to fight against the Russians during the Second World War. 

To further strengthen our case, we shall of course support the public prosecutors to take criminal proceedings against the Welsh first minister should he invite the Welsh people to give their opinion about the political future of Wales by exercising their universal right of freedom of speech. And of course I shall keep quiet, should an unprecedented internal struggle between the prosecutors in Wales (who see no grounds for pushing the case) and those in Westminster (who see that this process is seriously undermining the institutional structures of the UK built up by civil wars and coups d'état over a period of centuries, that is now reeling as a result of having two or three times more cases of corruption than Wales itself) make headline news for days.

And if at the same time the jury chooses to ignore any future 14-minute documentary in which a number of Members of the European Parliament, your Parliament, speak out forcefully in favour of Wales' right to decide its political future, then so much the better.

And rest assured that when hundreds or thousands of European citizens clamour in indignation over the award that Welsh Civil Society will receive, claiming that it is a discredit to the institution of the European Parliament and to the values that it proclaims, I shall be your staunchest defender! 

Please correct me if I'm wrong.


La Sociedad Civil Catalana, la Orden Hospitalaria San Juan de Dios y la Cocina Económica de Logroño logran el Premio Ciudadano Europeo 2014.  http://www.europarl.es/es/sala_de_prensa/communicados_de_prensa/pr-2014/pr-2014-noviembre/ciudadano.html

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