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Public letter to PM David Cameron on the Catalan issue

Mr. David Cameron, Prime Minister
10 Downing St,
London SW1A 2AA,
United Kingdom                                         

November 18th 2014

Public letter to Rt. Hon. PM David Cameron on the Catalan issue

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Dear Prime Minister,
As expatriate citizens from different countries with strong ties with the United Kingdom, we firstly wish to express our sincere admiration for the democratic position your Government adopted over the Scottish Referendum. The Scottish people were given the opportunity to decide their own future, an iniciative that must be deemed fair, modern and democratic. It is due precisely to the wisdom of this decision, however, that we consider it a contradiction that, on November 10th, you should have publicly expressed your support for Mr. Rajoy over the Catalan independence poll which was declared “illegal” by the Spanish Government. This successful poll was conducted in the most democratic fashion as certified by a group of MEP observers, headed by Mr. Ian Duncan, giving a result of over 80% support for Catalan independence. Many Catalans regret the implicit blessing that your statement bestowed on Mr Rajoy’s blunt opposition to the right of Catalans to vote. On the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall, and  301 years after the British Government’s tragic failure to comply to the terms of the Treaty of Genova at Utrecht, the signatories of this letter feel that today it should be the duty of the British Prime Minister, and other European leaders, to support the Catalan people in their bid to find a democratic solution to their problem and to take into their own hands the key decisions regarding their political future. It is a right no European people should be denied.

Yours faithfully,

Stephen Anderson 
Berni Armstrong 
Sonia Barrachina Aguilar  
John Frederick Bates 
Helena Batlle 
Elizabeth Castro 
Valeria Collins Sherrad 
Paul Costello 
Simone Coward
Howard Croll 
Bob M. Crossan  
Brian Cutts 
Rolando d'Alessandro 
Rob Denny 
Susan M. DiGiacomo
Graciella Edo Basté 
Eleanor English 
Pau Figueras 
Ralph Freeman 
Laia Gasch Casals 
Jordi Giudici Font  
Monica Gomar 
Antoni Gonzalez Bartina 
Janet Frances Graham 
Simon Harris 
Jacqueline Hurtley 
Barbara Jackson Wilson 
Erik William Jeffery 
Abigail Jones
Mireia Jofre-Bonet
Elaine R.  Jones 
Lindsay Kennard  
Martin Kirby 
Joan Kirtz Llobet 
Georgios Konstantinou 
Ramon Lamarca 
Victoria Lenz 
Tammy Leung 
Angela Lloret Blackburn
Ifan Lloyd 
Robin McArthur 
Cathal Mac Gabhann 
Adam Macià-Parris 
Oriol Margo 
Manuel Martinez Cid
Fiona Megan Kelso
Jacquie Minett 
 Stefano Montanari 
Antoni Morales 
Massimo Moruzzi 
Deborah Jane Moss 
Joseph A Munoz 
Iain Ó hAnnaidh 
David Owen 
Belinda Jane Parris
Alison Jane Partington 
William Charles Phillips Mockford 
John Pidcock 
Sandra Piddock 
Debbie Price 
Irene Pujol Torras 
Raquel Queraltó Miró 
Andreu Quintana Segala 
John Edward Rix Newbery 
Maria Robert Vidal 
Elizabeth Russell 
Ester Sahagun i Sala 
Laura Sola Sanmiquel 
Krystyna Schreiber
Antoni Strubell 
Miquel Strubell 
John Style 
Stephanie L. Sweet 
Matthew Tree 
Amelia Trueta 
Maria Lluïsa Virgili Ayala 
Trevor Waters 
Margaret Whitman 

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17220 Sant Feliu de Guíxols

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