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Off-duty civil guards attack Barcelona citizen

English translation of article "No sabia que eren guàrdies civils; un em pegava a la cara i els altres a les costelles i als ronyons" by Enric Borràs.

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"I didn't know they were civil guards; one hit me in the face and the others in the ribs and kidneys"

The Barcelona local explains that he recriminated a group of off-duty Spanish policemen for ripping down an independence flag and ended up with bruises on the head and body and is still on sick leave.

Barcelona 12/12/2017 | 20:12
"I was on my way home from seeing my mother, there were four men and two women, and I saw how they tore down an independence flag that had been on the ground floor of Alcanar street for years", explains the 41 year-old man that on Saturday evening, in Barcelona, bumped into a group of Civil Guard policemen. "They were not in uniform and did not say at any time that they were policemen," he says. And he adds: "I found out later, when everything was over." An ambulance took him away before he could explain all that had happened, he made a formal complaint the next day, and perhaps that is why the Catalan police (Mossos) patrol only reported one of the guards. The medical report from Barcelona indicates that he suffered "multiple bruises in the context of physical aggression", although one of the guards claims that the man also attacked him.

When he recriminated the plainclothes policemen for tearing down the flag, they answered: "You had better go, you haven't seen anything." "They seemed to be drunk", he says. He insisted and told them he would call the police and as he did do, he claims they attacked him.

"While my emergency call was being transferred to the Mossos, they fell upon me, there were at least three of them," he says. "One sat down on me and punched me in the face and the other kicked me in the ribs, the kidneys and the back, I rolled into a ball to protect myself," he says.

According to the medical report, when he arrived at the Hospital del Mar he had injuries to the skull, cheek and forearm; bruises in an eye, nose and a finger of the right hand, and another finger in the same hand swollen.

He works at a sports centre in La Barceloneta, but he is still on sick leave.
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