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Comments on the Spanish general election results

Some links to webs and information on the results of the Spanish general election, particularly in relation to Catalonia.

1. Map of results by localities. Source: Vilaweb

a. First past the post. The mauve in the metropolitan areas round Barcelona and Tarragona, which grew enormously during the massive in-migration from the rest of Spain in the period 1950-1974, is the leftist coalition "En Comú - Podem".  Outside that area the pro-indy options, in blue (the Convergència coalition) and yellow (Esquerra), prevail.

b. First past the post, after summing proindy vote.Once the votes for the Convergència coalition and Esquerra are added (the victorious 20 September "Junts pel Sí" coalition), the map gets much clearer, and this vote was first past the post in many more localities than each separately.

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