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Spanish Television - Censorship once again!

As anyone watching the Eurovision Song Contest the other night must have seen, the Spanish contestant's song was interrupted by the arrival and active participation of someone who was not in the script, someone wearing a Catalan beret (a "barretina") who calls himself "Jimmy Jump".

Jimmy Jump has taken the Catalan beret, and often the Catalan colours (four red stripes on a yellow background), or calls in support of the Tibetan people, for example, to a wide range of televised sports events: grand prix, rugby internationals, football matches... as you can see in this 2008 selection (5min 28sec):

His antics during the Eurovision festival were uploaded by a large number of youtubers, as you can see if your search for "Jimmy jump Eurovision". These include the BBC, StreamSearchNews (205,000 hits). TVE also uploaded it here:

Curiously enough, or not, Spanish TV (RTVE) has censured - by blocking - several other sites that showed the images, such as the Norwegian organisers' own site: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VoRmYp1PIDo (nrk - 356,000 hits). The text that appears is as follows: "Este vídeo incluye contenido de RTVE, que lo ha bloqueado por motivos de derechos de copyright."

This time the fine he'll have to pay in Norway (1880 Euros) is substantially less that the one he received for invading the pitch during a 2006 UEFA Cup semifinal, between Vila-real and Arsenal (60,100 Euros!), when he gave Arsenal player Thierry Henry a Barça shirt with a number 14 on it. A year later Henry was wearing a Barça shirt... with that number on it!

Through his Facebook page, which has over 47,000 admirers (!) he's made a call for donations.
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