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CATALONIA ISN'T SPAIN: leading Spanish executive says so!

The Spanish car manfacturer, SEAT, names its models after towns: Málaga, León, Toledo, Ibiza, Marbella and Córdoba. Their factory in Martorell (Catalonia) is to bring out a new model before the end of this year, and a name has to be chosen for it.

At a meeting of the chairman of the board, Francisco García-Sanz, with journalists at the Spanish embassy in Berlin, he said jokingly that they've run out of names of towns and cities.

ACN (Agència Catalana de Notícies) reported that a fair number of those present, including the Spanish ambassador, Gabriel Busquets-Aparicio, laughed out loud when, in reply to a remark by a (Catalan) journalist to the effect that no car has been named after a Catalan city, Sr. García-Sanz said that "we are Spanish".

When reminded that the SEAT factory is in Catalonia, he said that the factory couldn't be taken to Madrid, and repeated that "we are Spanish".

Sr. García-Sanz is also a member of the Volkswagen group board in Wolfsburg (Lower Saxony).

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