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Open post to Charles Ablett Esq.

Allow me to reply with a short post to a tweet by Charles Ablett.

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"Jailed without bail because a few of the rebel coup leaders jumped the country!"


1. The use of the expression "rebel coup leaders" marks you as an ultranationalist Spaniard (or one of their unquestioning followers.

2. The only "coup" (a political action, with force, unsupported by, or to overthrow, the Parliament) was in... 2006.
See "Golpe de Estado": https://t.co/HQ06xIUmSd

3. No-one "jumped the country". When Ministers left to attend the Brussels press conference on October 31st, no summons had been received from the Audiencia Nacional. Several members of the Government returned thereafter, by plane. Others stayed in Belgium.

"El conseller Raül Romeva, destituït pel govern espanyol,ha rebut a les 10.45 h d'aquest dimecres la citació judicial perquè vagi a declarar a l'Audiència Nacional acusat dels delictes de rebel·lió, sedició i malversació de fons públics. Així ho ha anunciat a través del seu compte de Twitter. "Avui a les 10.45 h he rebut la citació per comparèixer en menys de 24 h a l'Audiència Nacional. Estat de dret? Consciència molt tranquil·la", ha afegit Romeva. Juntament amb el president i tots els consellers del Govern està citat a declarar aquets dijous i divendres." https://www.regio7.cat/arreu-catalunya-espanya-mon/2017/10/31/compareixenca-carles-puigdemont-brusselles/441871.html

4. The two Jordis were arrested on October 16. They were "jailed without bail" weeks before anyone "jumped the country".

"And that includes Marta Rovira whose bail was paid for out of public monies paid to the pro-separatist ANC movement!"


Bullshit and you know it. The @Assemblea receives no "public monies" and far less to pay for bails. As you probably know, tens of thousands of Catalan citizens have made donations, large and small, to support the political prisoners and their families. Even judge Llarena has acknowledged that fact. You can also donate: https://caixadesolidaritat.cat

"With reason, the judge considers it far too risky to extend bail to the rebels".


Risky? Jordi Sánchez actually ran for President (but were scandalously blocked by the courts!). Conseller Forn gave up politics and wants to reutrn to his legal practice. The very word "risk" assumes they are guilty (though not according to the Spanish criminal code).

The "risk" is the fault of the millions of Catalan citizens who returned the independence parties to power in the  21 December election, despite the campaign being grossly biassed, and being illegally called.

So people who had been released beforehand (like Minister Raül Romeva) were sent back to jail, because the independence option had won: is this justice, or sheer polítics?

Final remark:

The issue is complicated enough to understand without bombarding tweet readers with false information, Charles. Let's have a beer and discuss things together, if you like.

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No en té prou amb totes aquestes mentides quan en una contra rèplica acusa els que posem llaços grocs d'"atacar brutalment" els que els treuen, quan tothom ha vist i està abastament documentat de quin costat ve la violència.

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