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Article by M. Strubell: Am I To Understand? EU silence despite threat of gross violation of rights

 Article by M. Strubell: Am I To Understand? EU silence despite threat of gross violation of rights

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The measures that the Spanish government announced on Friday, to put an abrupt halt to the implementation in Catalonia of the electoral and parliamentary mandate clearly stated in the election manifestoes of the coalitions that were to win an outright majority in the Catalan Parliament on September 25 2015 (and were not challenged by anoyone on legal grounds), have shocked democrats everywhere. They have been described as a "coup d'état" against basic democratic principles.

These principles include respect for human rights laid down by the UN, the Council of Europe and the EU Fundamental Charter of Human Rights. 

On Thursday October 26 2017, Catalonia will forseeably cease to be an "internal matter of Spain", after seven years of insistent demands for the 2010 Statute of Autonomy to be ratified by the Catalan people in a referendum... in accordance with article 152 of the Spanish Constitution.

Also after seven years of insistent demands for compliance with several international treaties Spain subscribed to in 1977, in article 1 of which Spain accepts that "", ... in accordance with articles 93 to 96 of the Spanish Constitution.

Out of a pure desire for revenge and crushing humiliation, the Spanish authorities want four politicians to pay millions of euros out of their personal assets, for expenditure which the auditors in Catalonia in no case found illegally processed, and most certainly did not go into their pockets.

European Commission says imprisonment of pro-independence leaders is “an internal matter of Spain”

Spokesman Alexander Winterstein refuses to comment on the arrest or "its implications"

17 October 2017 01:37 PM
ACN | Brussels
The European Commission has nothing to say on the imprisonment of two pro-independence civil society leaders in Catalonia. Spokesman Alexander Winterstein confirmed on Tuesday that Brussels is aware of the judicial decision to imprison without bail Jordi Sànchez and Jordi Cuixart, but added that he would "not comment" about it.
"This process is happening within the internal, legal and constitutional order of Spain, it's an internal matter of Spain," Winterstein said. "We don't comment on judicial procedures within member states," he added, saying they would not make an exception regarding this case.
Asked about whether the arrests could hamper calls for dialogue between Catalonia and Spain, the European Commission spokesman insisted that he wouldn't comment "on the decision nor its implications."

EU says suspension of Catalan self-rule ‘within the constitutional order’

European Commission spokesman reiterates support in Brussels for “the constitutional and legal arrangements of Spain”

23 October 2017 03:57 PM
ACN | Barcelona

Brussels has endorsed the suspension of Catalonia’s self-government, which is pending approval by the Spanish senate on Friday. European Commission (EC) spokesman, Margaritis Schinas, said the EC supported Spain’s decision to enforce Article 155, as the measure is “within the constitutional order”. "We will always respect the constitutional and legal arrangements of Spain," said the spokesman...

Portaveu i lletrat de les Corts ignora el 155

El ministre Méndez de Vigo admet que no està “segur al cent per cent” de si el Senat té l’última veu en l’aplicació o bé ha de ser ratificat en un nou Consell de Ministres i ser publicat al BOE

“Jo diria que no...”, esbossa 

21 octubre 2017


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