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La Iglesia rinde tributo a los que lucharon para Hitler en un cementerio madrileño de titularidad pública

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The Church pays tribute to those who fought for Hitler in a publicly owned Madrid cemetery 

"We celebrate and remember the fallen members of the Blue Division", was said during the ceremony promoted by Franco-ist and neo-Nazi movements.

"On this Ash Wednesday we celebrate and remember the fallen members of the Blue Division". Thus began the homily during the Mass officiated on Wednesday in the chapel of the Cementerio de la Almudena (Madrid ) to honour the Spaniards who fought during World War in the Blue Division, in support of Hitler's Germany.

The Mass took place at 6 pm. and was organised by "Coalición Nacional" (National Coalition), the far-right party which groups together Franco-ist neonazi movements such as "La España en Marcha "(Marching Spain), "La Falange", "Movimiento Católico" (Catholic Movement), "Nudo Patriota" (Patriotic Knot), "Alianza Nacional" (National Alliance) and "Democracia Nacional" (National Democracy).

It was a religious act hardly announced at all on social networks, but about which information had been sent to pro-Franco fanatics through a propaganda poster containing the time and the church where tribute was to be rendered to Spanish "fallen and heroes". All this was to commemorate the 73rd anniversary of the Battle of Krasny Bor.

The battle that became "the tomb of the Blue Division"

On 10 February 1943 some 5,600 men of the Blue Division faced the Army of the Soviet Union in that battle, which became one of the bloodiest battles of the war - the BBC once described Krasny Bor qualify as "the tomb of the Blue Division".

Seventy-three years later, the Church remembers the battle - which was deadly for the interests of the Third Reich - by honouring those who fought for the Nazis. Moreover, it has done so in a publicly-owned cemetery, La Almudena. Though, to be sure, with evident secrecy.

Under the cover of darkness and with malicious intent

The Mass was celebrated outside the chapel's usual schedule of Masses (Mass are held daily at 10:30 am) and with some safety precautions: a small group of right-wing extremists were responsible for controlling who entered the church, so as to prevent access to journalists and democrats.

Inside the chapel, facing the altar, two militants held far-right banners belonging to the Blue Division . Beside them, a neo-Nazi-looking youngster was responsible for controlling what was going on inside the chapel. Meanwhile, the priest did not hesitate to launch criticisms of the society of "the past 40 years", thus displaying his animosity toward the democratic system.
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