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Pedro J Ramírez

Some may claim, from afar, that "Spain will regret the silencing of this crusading voice". Let it be known to all and sundry, however, that he used his paper in a smear campaign, with purported official reports that the Ministry denied existed, against the leaders of the main Catalan pro-independence party, to such effect (despite its fairly meazly readership in Catalonia itself) that he boasted that they felt that his paper had actually won the Novemember 2012 election in Catalonia....
Then, in the face of the massive grassroots call for Catalonia's bid for independence from Spain to be channelled democratically, and a point-blank refusal to allow this by the Spanish government, coupled with their barrage of threatened plagues that would befall should we persevere, he then stated on the basis of the Egyptian coup d'êtat, that ballot boxes were not always the solution, onlt to pour scorn upon the many Catalans that felt deeply hurt at his snide remark.

Finally, to the bitter end he and his newspaper clung to the PP government's initial hypotheses that it had been ETA, and not Islamist extremists, that had planted bomb in trains close to Atocha Station in March 2003.

In short, he may be sorely missed in London, but certainly not in Catalonia.

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