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Open letter to Twitter

Dear Sirs,
As you may know, whereas Scotland has been able to hold a referendum on whether or not to become independent from the UK (and Quebec and many before them), Catalonia has not. 
In the past 3 years four vast demonstrations have been held on the issue (11 Sept 2012, 11 Sept 2013, 11 Sept 2014, 9 Nov 2014).
Those defending the democratic path to independence have been subjected to massive electronic attacks (websites, especially on Nov 8-9 2014; hundreds of cell phones, 10-11 Sept 2014, and 8-9 Nov 2014).
Now it seems that attention has turned to twitter accounts. In the past few hours twitter has suddenly blocked 2 accounts, presumably on account of such complaints. Such complaints, coming from those opposing Catalonia's independence, will probably multiply, so I would ask you to play an active role to prevent twitter from being drawn into this de facto censorship.
I myself have six thousand followers (without being a celebrity,  a journalist or a politician!) and fear tht unless I copy the list of all my followers and those I follow, my voice may at any moment be silenced.  
Your early interest in this matter will appreciated, but please do not contact your Madrid office, some members of which in the past have made it clear they are not at all sympathetic to claims coming from Catalans.
If I should have written to another Department, please be so kind as to give me their email address.
Please give me a phone number if need be, to give you further details. 
Michael/Miquel Strubell 

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pepe ha dit...

Hola, Miquel, ¿qué harías con el actual centro emisor de la DAB+ en Collserola (Barcelona)? DAB+ significa Digital Audio Broadcasting Plus, la radio digital terrestre y gratuita. Mi opinión es que yo sería partidario de que en Catalunya y en España se instalasen los centros emisores de la radio digital terrestre y gratuita a través de 2 tecnologías (la DAB+ y también la DRM+, que significa Digital Radio Mondiale Plus) para poder escuchar a través de esas 2 tecnologías los canales radiofónicos públicos, privados y mixtos, locales, comunitarios, municipales, comarcales, provinciales, regionales y nacionales, en catalán, aranés, castellano, en las otras lenguas españolas distintas al castellano, sin y con las desconexiones territoriales.

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