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Media coverage of the great Independence demo, Barcelona, September 11 2012

A trip to Barcelona from Sharif on Vimeo.

Media coverage:

La Vanguardia:

Visión 7 (Argentina) Diada Catalunya Histórica marcha en Catalunya: 

El Punt Avui:


El Periódico de Catalunya:


BBC: "Huge turnout for Catalan independence rally",

BBC: "Economics drives support for Catalan independence", b

Euronews: "Catalonia calls for ‘liberty’ from Madrid", 11 Sept. 2012:

La Gaceta (Intereconomia):

ABC (Australia:)


Reuters (ES):

The Telegraph (UK) (11/09/2012): "1.5 million take to streets of Barcelona in support of independence".

Agencia EFE:

Time: "Barcelona Warns Madrid: Pay Up, or Catalonia Leaves Spain", by Lisa Abend, Sept. 11, 2012.

La Repubblica:

Frankfurter Allgemeine:

Spiegel: Großdemo in Barcelona: Eineinhalb Millionen Katalanen demonstrieren für

Unabhängigkeit (12.09.2012).,1518,855280,00.html

Zeit: Millionen Katalanen wollen nicht mehr für Spanien zahlen. (12.09.2012 - 08:11 Uhr; VIDEOS).

Le Monde:

New York Times:


Financial Times (12/9/2012): Catalan message.
Catalan translation:

La Presse (Quebec, 11/9/2012): Un million et demi de Catalans réclament l'indépendance.

Radio Canada (11/09/2012): Manifestation géante pour l'indépendance catalane.; video: News (Canada, 11/09/2012): Vast crowds demand Catalan autonomy from crisis-hit Spain.

Manifestación de la Diada de Cataluña - Catalonia Independence (vídeo)

El País (14/09/2012): "Sí, con condiciones del resto de España. Fuera de Cataluña se aprobaría un proceso independentista consensuado y aprobado ampliamente en consulta popular"

The Scotsman: "Collective thinking on independence"  (16/09/2012):

Stratfor Global Intelligence (17/9/2012): Catalonia's Renewed Push for Independence From Spain.

I have JUST read the following news item. I can't believe it refers to the demonstration I have got home from. The other media (see below) have done much better!

Sep. 11, 2012
1:30 PM ET
Massive anti-tax protest in Spain's Catalonia
 (AP) — Tens of thousands of people angered by Spain's financial crisis are protesting in Barcelona on the Catalonia region's 'National Day," claiming they pay more than their fair share in taxes to the federal government in Madrid.

The turnout for the day marking the defeat of Catalan forces during the War of the Spanish Succession was the largest in years.

Catalonia has said it will ask Madrid for money from a bailout fund, but the region's politicians insist they wouldn't be hurting as much if tax revenue was distributed equitably — a longstanding demand.

Residents and Catalan politicians waved red and yellow Catalan flags Tuesday as they swarmed Barcelona's avenues. They also laid flowers at monuments to Catalan defenders who tried to prevent Barcelona's capture by King Phillip V in 1714.

This is bullshit, not what you'd expect from a reputable source of news. PLEASE HAVE IT CORRECTED AT ONCE.

1.  What to AP are "tens of thousands" are in fact described by the local press as one and a half million ( e.g. )

2. The organizers of the demonstration are not mentioned. Why not? The Assemblea Nacional Catalana ( was founded to work towards Catalan independence, only that.

3. Why is the slogan of the demonstration not mentioned? It was "Catalunya, Nou Estat d'Europa", Catalalonia, A New State in Europe". That has nothing, I repeat nothing, to do with an "anti-tax protest", for heaven sake!

4. The "red and yellow Catalan flags" your article refers to were massively replaced by the blue red and yellow independence flags, as even your photograph shows!

5. There is no federal government in Madrid.

6. I spent over two and a half hours at the demonstration, and saw no signs at all of "angered people".

Shameful, all in all. My recommendation to AP: Get off your arses, get over to Catalonia, and speak to the people. Trying to cover Catalan news from Madrid gives such media a bias some are only now beginning to shake off (see New York Times, Financial Times, The Guardian...).

* Video: A day to change the History of Catalonia #11s2012

* Vilaweb: D'on ve l'onada d'independentisme?

* Video (5 min)

CATALONIA 11s 2012 - Get Free - (Alliberem-nos)
Baròmetre de l'ús del català a Internet