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Enjoy History!

English translation of Vicent Partal's leader in Vilaweb today:

Rarely in people’s lives do we have the feeling we are writing history, or of being privileged protagonists of an event that the books that our children, our grandchildren, our great-grandchildren, will remember and narrate as exceptional. Today we’ll have it. The Catalan Way is sure to mark a turning point in this country. No doubt, a few years hence, September 11 2013 will be remembered as a key day on the road to independence, as a decisive turning point.

So go out into the street and let’s all enjoy history, with our lungs wide open. Enjoy the yellow shirts that are going to flood our streets, squares and roads. Enjoy the hand you’ll gives and the hand you will take. Enjoy the contagious happiness, people’s smiles, the shared looks of complicity. Enjoy the unstoppable force that we all generate, the happy feeling of knowing we are winners. Enjoy the memory of those who are not here today and we wished were with us, who would never have left us. Enjoy children who will not have to waste any more time defending who they are. Enjoy the old people who we shall never be able to thank enough the endless time they spent simply resisting. And thank them: but for them we would not be here.

But enjoy freedom above all else. Enjoy freedom in capital letters. Today, for a few hours, we shall clearly feel that this will be a free country. For a few hours we will feel it’s free, thanks to our unity, thanks to our decision, thanks to our will to be the majority and to build a united, a more just and better country. And we will feel free all together, free together, free.

So enjoy yourselves and call out shamelessly and without fear for the independence of this country. Hand with hand, chant with chant, shirt with shirt. Today, from El Voló (Le Boulou) to Vinaròs we will demonstrate the way Vicent Andrés Estellés called on us to do: as a united, , happy and valiant people. And this is a privilege that history has given us, it’s an honour that we cannot let pass us by, it’s a huge joy that today, at least I have no intention whatever of missing.
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