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"How to destroy a Free Independent Country", by Reinhart Heydrich

Quite honestly, it often feels as though the Franco regime was inspired by this revolting text by a heinous criminal, in designing its policy against the Basques and the Catalans (and in parts continues to be perfectly valid today). The text, sent to me by Iain McDermott, is to be found on many Scottish, Czech, Welsh and other websites and blogs.
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How to destroy a Free Independent Country

  • Deprive the people of their national consciousness,
  • Treat them as a tribe and not a nation
  • Dilute their national pride
  • Do not teach their history
  • Propagate their language as inferior
  • Imply they have a cultural void
  • Empathise their customs are primitive
  • And dismiss their independence as a barbaric anomaly.

Written by Reinhart Heydrich (Nazi Propagandist), 1933

Reinhart Heydrich Wikipedia Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reinhard_Heydrich
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